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With us, Africa is committing to modernity.

African companies taking full advantage of modern tools, techniques and technologies to create value.


Our story

NUMERIS-CI is an IT company based in Abidjan, but our scope covers the entire African continent.

With extensive experience in the field, we make our expertise available to African businesses to transform them into high-performing structures while avoiding past mistakes. Despite theoretical delays in some areas, we are confident that we can make judicious changes quickly that will bring value to businesses.

Our services

NUMERIS-CI identify business needs

We identify business needs and recommend relevant solutions; and we elicit, document, and manage requirements.

Business Analysis(BA)
Business Analysis(BA)

Services for strategic analysis to help businesses make informed decisions and maximize their performance.

Business Process Management(BPM)
Business Process Management(BPM)

Services to improve processes and make them more efficient, effective, and aligned with strategic goals.


Services for migration, deployment, and management for cloud solutions to help businesses access cutting-edge technologies and reduce their management costs.

Data and Big Data Services
Data and Big Data Services

Services for data collection, processing, and analysis to help businesses better understand their customers, market, and environment.


Our vision

See African businesses become key players in the global economy

We want Africa to be recognized for its ability to innovate and implement effective solutions to address the economic and social challenges of our time. We believe in the strength of African entrepreneurship and its ability to contribute to sustainable development and the prosperity of our communities.



Work with NUMERIS-CI

We believe that outstanding work is the result of passionate and skilled individuals in the right positions. Browse our current projects and submit your application to be a part of our team.


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