Design Uncoupled 

Joomla! was one of the pioneers in open source CMS's by adopting a MVC design strategy. MVC means that views are strictly separate from the business logic. This is a huge advantage since you own the views or can override them to achieve superior custom designs. Joomla! not only gives you the design freedom that you have always craved but can help you make your sites stand out in the crowd! 

Responsive with Bootstrap

Joomla! is Mobile Ready and allows you to build more than just websites but online applications that can respond to virtually any device. Joomla! core templates are built with Bootstrap making it responsive out of the box. Which means you have a toolset to work with which makes creating templates even easier!

Do More with Less

Spend less time coding and reduce the tedious tasks associated with building interfaces in Joomla! 3. Joomla! now features LESS CSS and jQuery which means you can write less code to achieve greater results. In addition the Icomoon font icon library provides a wealth of retina-optimized icons. The Joomla! User Interface (JUI) library gives you a standardized backend & frontend interface.

Override Away!

With a highly advanced override system, designers get an awesome amount of power over how pages & elements of pages are presented without touching any of the core code! Practically any HTML generated by Joomla! can be customized to your project.

Beautiful Fonts for that extra edge

Designers know the power of fonts for expressing ideas and design strategies. With Joomla! you do not need to get constrained by standard Web fonts. The Joomla! core itself opens a whole new world of expression because it allows you the freedom to use Google fonts to make that new design dream come true !

Template Management modèles 

Templates in Joomla! are more than a framework for managing your designs but a powerful tool suite for making your site look exactly the way you want. You have complete control of your presentation since you can either use a single template for the entire site or a separate template for each site section or menu item. The level of visual control goes a step further with powerful template overrides, allowing you to customize each part of your pages.