For many organizations, effective business analysis is not an integral part of their project work. As a result, projects are not delivering the intended business value. In 2014, PMI reported the following:

  •  In the 12 months, 64% of the completed projects successfuly met their original goals and business intent.
  • In the past 12 months, 16% of projects taht started were deemed failures
  • "Inaccurate requirements gathering" was reported by 37% of organizations as a primary cause of project failure.
  • Poor requirements management practices are the second leading cause of project failure, second only to changing organization priorities.

This research clearly shows that organizations continue to experience project issues associated with poor performance of requirements-related activities. Requirements management accounts for a significant portion of the work performed within business analysis. organizations that have mature business analysis practices in place today are dramatically improving the probability of project success, but those that do not are seeing the costly effects